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There is now a FiveM server I’m working on developing. It is currently what I’d consider “playable” status. Be sure to check the discord for rules, laws and general expectations before joining the server as this is a SERIOUS Role Play server. If you’re looking for another version of GTA Online, this is not the server for you. You are expected to have a character and act within those parameters at all times while playing on the server.’

The forums on the website are a bit borked at the moment, so we’ve been using discord instead. Post all rules violation, ban complaints, cop applications, etc there.
Discord is where all the updated rules and laws are being posted: http://discord.xslic3x.com
Teamspeak 3 is the Police/EMS dispatch radio and is REQUIRED if you want to play those roles: ts.xslic3x.com
Police training is available to those who are at least 16 and complete the cop training program prescribed by Caboose and O’Hara

To find it download FiveM (Don’t worry, it doesn’t affect your normal GTA 5 installation) and filter in the server browser for SRP or direct connect at srp.xslic3x.com:41666

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