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Why did I make a website you might ask? For fun. This has seriously been a huge pain in the ass because I haven’t built a website since circa 2003. Back then all we had to worry about was getting the html code syntax correct and choosing some flashy midi music and sweet frames for our website. Anyways, the hope for this site is to keep my supporters, my fans and my friends all together and build a community out of the small following I have on twitch. I look forward to gaming with you all and chatting with you on twitch



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  • alt_example

    XSLiC3x April 1, 2016 at 13:06 - Reply

    I completely forgot to mention special thanks to HellsGuard for fixing the broken shit on the website and helping me out with everything. If you see him in TS or on the site, make sure to give him a huge THANK YOU!

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