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04/09/2017 2:39 am  

See someone breaking a rule while there were no admins around? Please tag your post with [Report] and give us the following information:


Username/User ID Number/Player Name: *Please try to give us as much information as you can here*


What rule was broken? *E.G. FailRP by rdming the entire city claiming that they were "insane and unstable"*


What time did this happen? *11PM Central*


Did you lose any items due to this rule violation? *Yes, I lost a combat pistol, 50,000, and my driver's license*


Do you have any proof of the incident? *Yes, I have this screenshot screenshot.com/thisimage.jpg*



Lack of proof does NOT mean that no action will be taken, but proof will make the punishment happen a lot sooner. Also if you've lost any items, screenshots would be helpful for proving that you actually owned and lost said items. This does NOT mean that you will get reimbursed the total value of the items, but would certainly go a long way towards some sort of reimbursement.


The user name/id and time that the incident occurred are paramount as the server keeps logs and we would be able to find proof that the incident happened much sooner than traditional investigation means.

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