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[Sticky] Police/EMS Application Template  


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04/09/2017 1:56 am  

Are you currently or have you ever been an LEO (in real life)?


How old are you?


How can you help the server in your role as a Police Officer or EMS?


What other experiences with roleplay and/or police roleplay do you have?


Are you willing to follow the training protocols set up by SRP PD?

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New Member SRP Police
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14/09/2017 5:09 am  

1. As of an hour ago no...Just quit another server 

2. 22

3. I'm a law abiding citizen but a better cop. I listen to Chain Of Command. I know how to hold my own. I can be assertive when needed but understanding when necessary. I know what to do during pursuits/holdups/robberies/foot chases etc...  I'd be a great addition to the team. 

4. I've been RPing on FreedomRP with alot of the guys on here for a long time.  I've made mistakes but i've learned from those mistakes and its made me a better cop and a better person to have in the community. Vexxal, Ashamed, Rozgrez, Sims, and fatty have taught me everything i know. I know theres one of you im forgetting lol. I learn fast so there wont be any issues from me.

5. Absolutely, I'll do what i need to do to move up in the ranks. You wont regret putting me on the Force

SRP Admin and SRP PD Head Admin
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14/09/2017 1:45 pm  

Howdy we do currently have positions open. Feel free to contact me on the discord and we will get you sorted. In that message I will also need what department you wish to join. Options are LSPD, BCSD, and SAHP

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