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06/10/2017 2:09 am  

1. I have been a LEO on Freedom Rp.

2. 17

3. I think I will be able to help out the server as a police officer as I have experienced roleplaying as a cop before on Freedom Rp. I have great knowledge of the map and known what to do in situations such as bank robberies, hold-ups, hostage situations, foot chases and pursuits. I think I would be a great addition to the team.

4. I have currently roleplayed as a cop on Freedom Rp and am currently roleplaying on LSLA Rp. Through these servers I have learnt and built on my knowledge as roleplaying as a police officer.

5. Absolutely, I will do what ever I need to do as a police officer to stop crime on the server. You won't regret putting me on the force

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