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    SRP | Serious Role Play | Five...

    12 August 2017 , by xSLiC3x

    There is now a FiveM server I’m working on developing. It is currently what I’d consider “playable” status. Be sure to check the discord for rules, laws and general expectations before joining the server as this is a SERIOUS Role Play server. If you’re looking for another version of GTA Online, this is not the server f... Read more

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    Website Recovery

    5 January 2017 , by HellsGuard

    Due to the sheer amount of spam accounts flooding into the website, I was forced to nearly reset the website. In the process some stuff got deleted that shouldn’t have (thanks wordpress), however I was able to recover the majority of content and accounts, if you can’t login, you will need to re-register. Sorry for the inconvenience. Read more

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    Range day!

    1 July 2016 , by xSLiC3x

    I was finally able to get to the range and get some much needed trigger time with my AKMS and Glock 17. Shot a couple of videos while we were there. Enjoy! Read more

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    Discord Info

    26 March 2016 , by xSLiC3x

    So I’ve set up a Discord server for anyone to use. Join by clicking here Don’t be disruptive. Don’t be a dick. Read more

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